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All ads are due no later than 10/5/18.  Please make sure your players are out in the community and selling ads, the earlier the better.

  • If you have a vendor/contact and you have not been assigned that ad please let me know.  If that vendors, is covered by another family, I will work with the family assigned in order to get the ad “potentially” re-assigned.  The goal is to sell as many ads as possible.  So, if there is an existing relationship, that will give us the best chance at being successful.  I will do my best to accommodate all requests.
  • If you do not plan on selling any ads, please contact me ASAP so those ads can be assigned.
  • If you would like additional ads, please contact me so I can distribute additional uncovered ads.
  • The teams have been posted, therefore, I am request a parent volunteer from each team to help coordinate the ad sales process.  Leslie Kaufman has volunteered for the Varsity team.  I will need a parent representative from JV Blue and from JV Grey.  If you have an interest please reach out to me ASAP. 
  • Veronica Reyes will be helping us, again the year, related to layout and design.  I will be the point of contact related to this endeavor and can work to coordinate various parents with Veronica, as needed.  If you need help with this process please contact me or your team representative.
  • Please use my Berkadia email going forward,, it will be much easier to follow the emails this way.
  • Any other question, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time.  Go out and sell those ads and I look forward to another successful ad campaign. 

Aaron Abelson

Aaron Abelson

Advertising Questions and Assistance

Phone: (312) 636-6187